Ok, now that you are considering the purchase of one, here is a little background.

Three manufacturers were in the US and Canada:

The Gray Manufacturing Company:

  • Later became Automatic Electric. Made in Canada and USA, specifically for the independent phone companies, which was eventually bought by GTE (General Telephone Company) Now known as Verizon

Northern Electric:

  • Later became Nortel Networks. Made in Canada, for Bell Canada.

Western Electric:

  • Later became Lucent Technologies. Made in the USA, for The Bell System. Now known as ATT

 This is a summarized version of the different manufacturers from back in the day.


Three versions are available from all the above manufacturers.

1. Original Classic Black

All are available in black japan, which was the original factory colour. Chrome or black parts change the look and time frame of the payphone. Different signs also make for a statement of the era and times.


2. Full Body Colour

Automatic Electric introduced colours in the mid-1950′s during the Art Deco time frame. They were introduced to blend in and compliment the decor of a business or hotel lobby, along with the intent to add a product to their sales line. All monochrome single shade or the removable parts were changed to chrome for a very dressed up look. Original factory colours and new old stock parts are from that period.

Below is a chart of the available factory colour’s that were offered in 1956.


3. Two Tone

These phones are available in any combination that appeals to you. These are some of the more popular combinations that fit in just about anywhere. I can help with a custom design or signage combination for any colour or look.

  • Changing the top sign is easy and the choices are endless
  • Sports Teams
  • Brands or logos from the past, any decade
  • Advertising campaigns, any era
  • Manufacturing companies (Ford, Chevrolet, GE, Bell System, etc)
  • Farming or rural (Sunkist, Dole, Del Monte, etc)
  • Retirement Gifts
  • Just for fun!

Repair and Trade In Options

If you have a three slot payphone and it isn’t working properly or at all, consider sending it in for repairs or trade it in.
If you trade it in, depending on the model you have, any condition, here is what to expect:

  • Contact me and I will ask that you send a few pictures.
  • An honest assessment on what the trade is really worth.
  • I pay for the shipping to me as part of the deal. You pay for shipping back to you, at my discounted rate.
  • Credit is given on the purchase of a newly refurbished payphone with a full warranty and customer service.
  • I box it up and ship it to you. You are happy, I am happy.

If you just would like it repaired without refurbishing the paint:

  • Contact me and I will ask that you send a few pictures.
  • An honest assessment on what the repairs will consist of and cost.
  • You pay for shipping both ways at my discounted rate.
  • A full warranty and customer service on the repairs and parts, if they were needed.
  • I box it up and ship it to you. You are happy, I am happy.

I really try to make it as easy as possible and turn around is about 10 working days.

Call or email me with the type of payphone you have and what the problem is. I will do my best to help you. Response is prompt and there is no charge. If I can’t help you, I will gladly refer you to someone who can.

Parts are also available if that is all you need, probably for less than what you would pay on ebay and warrantied to work or I will replace it at no charge, shipping included.


In the USA – Shipped via Fed Ex – 50.00 flat rate

To Canada – Shipped by the US Postal Service – around 100.00 flat rate

To the UK, Europe, Australia and other Countries – Shipped by the US Postal Service –  140.00 US
UPS is an option if you prefer, just ask.

All phones are insured to their full value and securely packed so they are ready to plug in and use without a problem. As of recently, I have shipped more than 350 payphones without any damage whatsoever, so my system really works and is proven.


Your newly refurbished payphone is under complete warrantee for two full years from the time you receive it. That includes the whole phone with regular everyday use.

Shipping is paid one way if any repairs are needed should anything occur, if we can’t resolve it over the phone and email.

A full refund, minus the original shipping cost, is cheerfully returned to you if you are not happy with the phone within 10 days of receipt, but you must notify me and pay for the return shipping.

Once the phone arrives here and is in the same original condition when sent to you, your refund will be completed within 3 days via PayPal.

Privacy Policy

Privacy is taken very seriously. I do not sell any information about you or any transactions made. Payment is sent through a secure server to a banking institution in any form you select. I have no access to any info or banking details.

Simply put, I refurbish, service and sell phones, not personal information.